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L-3 Coleman Aerospace Short Range Air Launch Target (SRALT) - October 31, 2015--Successful Mission Makes the News

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Ballistic Missile Defense System Demonstrates Layered Defense While Conducting Multiple Engagements in Operational Test.

At approximately 11:05 pm EDT (October 31), a Short Range Air Launch Target (SRALT) was launched by a U.S. Air Force C-17 aircraft southeast of Wake Island. The THAAD AN/TPY-2 radar in terminal mode detected the target and relayed track information to the TFCC to develop a fire control solution and provide track information for use by other defending BMDS assets. The THAAD weapon system developed a fire control solution, launched a THAAD interceptor missile, and successfully intercepted the SRALT target.(See More)

Missile Defense

Coleman Aerospace is an innovative systems engineering and integration provider. Both a prime contractor and subcontractor, Coleman designs and produces sophisticated ballistic missiles as replicas of Scuds and other global missile defense threats. Coleman provides a variety of suborbital launch vehicles, payloads, and launch services. Since the award of the Theater Missile Defense (TMD) Targets contract in 1992, Coleman has conducted over 25 target missile missions.

Several of Coleman's ground launch missions demonstrated new capabilities and/or launch sites. These include atmospheric reentry targets and radar experiments. Our success has fostered company growth and expansion into air launched targets. (more ground launch)

Coleman's air launch capability allows the launch of missiles or rockets from cargo aircraft, anywhere in the world, at any azimuth/orbit inclination. (more air launch)


Coleman Aerospace's engineering department specializes in disciplines such as Systems, Aerodynamics/Aerothermal, Electrical, Mechanical, and Software. The engineering department conducts studies and analyses, develops concept definition and design as well as detailed design, analysis, and documentation. Our engineering staff is also responsible for creating and testing systems and subsystems. Coleman has experience in launch services and technical field support.

Coleman's manufacturing processes include automated circuit card assembly, precision inspection capability, airframe structures, cables/harnesses, chassis, pneumatics, RF cabling, and foam molding.  

Coleman's products include ballistic missiles, tactical missiles, and space launch vehicles. Subsystems are reentry vehicles, guidance, navigation and control systems, telemetry systems, aerospace structures, aerodynamic deceleration systems, and support equipment.

Advanced Programs

In addition to the sophisticated ballistic missile industry, Coleman Aerospace also specializes in Advanced Programs.

Coleman Aerospace applies its diverse engineering talents with two decades of suborbital launch system experience to design of systems, equipment, and processes for space launch, missile defense, commercial transportation, homeland security, and environmental protection and remediation.


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